About Socium

About Socium

Providing agile, streamlined and cost effective recruitment solutions for fast paced UK companies using blue collar, technical and engineering talent.

We support talent leaders to optimise their recruitment function ROI by first helping to analyse existing recruitment methods and then further analyse outputs.  We then provide service recommendations designed to overcome their specific challenges and maximise their recruitment success.

Most UK companies experience similar recruitment challenges; the talent acquisition process is time consuming, reactive not proactive, results are inconsistent, there are not enough quality candidates (or too many), overly reliant on recruitment and often too expensive. 

Socium is a flexible recruitment managed service provider who understands your challenges and has the experience and expertise needed to help you overcome them.

We provide agile, streamlined and cost effective managed recruitment solutions which are tailored to suit your individual requirements so that your recruitment strategy delivers the optimal balance of talent acquisition success, quality and value.