Case Studies

I wanted to let you know that the MPI  professional and technical resource team who use Socium MSP believe it to be the best system we use.

"The Socium MSP was quick and easy to use, provided detailed insightful job specifications, feedback be it positive or negative was informative and detailed which is always useful for candidates and the team who run the systems were extremely helpful and quick to respond with any queries."

MPI Limited

Since using the Socium platform it has provided us with a great understanding of how recruitment platforms should work.

"After dealing with the customer service team from Socium they lend their knowledge to the platform and are always available to discuss and teach. As a recruiter we finally landed in a place that provides a great product and service that suits our needs. The implementation was incredibly smooth. Our contact Amanda, was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, available, efficient and loyal to the brand, etc... She went above and beyond on all of her commitments, worked hard to keep us on track, and is available throughout the process."

Recruitment Consultant
Advance TRS Rail