Recruitment Analytics

UK talent leaders typically face a shifting tide of rapidly changing recruitment challenges. If for you this means spending too much time reacting to and putting out fires; you are not alone!

Not being able to take a step back from day-to-day duties to focus on your talent strategy is a common challenge, particularly in project driven or growing SME businesses. Socium is here to help.

Our recruitment audit has been developed to provide you with an impartial and independent analysis of your existing recruitment methods, processes and results. This establishes a benchmark from which we can identify and measure the specific cost, quality and process enhancement options available to your organisation.

Each analytic is tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements and will typically include:

  • Step by step mapping and review of existing temporary and/or permanent recruitment workflows to identify opportunities to streamline processes and reduce your recruitment administration.
  • Analysis of recruitment expenditure to identify quantifiable cost savings initiatives.
  • Review of current recruitment technology usage to identify potential for further tech enabled enhancements.
  • Sample hiring manager interviews to obtain feedback which helps to realign your recruitment strategy to the needs of your internal customers.
  • Competitor data analysis which provides insight to whom and where you are most likely to attract or lose talent.

Every recruitment audit concludes with a detailed findings report which incorporates quantitative and qualitative analysis which you own and are free to use for further internal discovery or as part of a business for positive change.

Your report will also include a set of evidence based recruitment strategy recommendations which will save you money, improve productivity, enhance user experience and accelerate your recruitment success.

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